Netco site web transactionnel en gestion des sociétés

Marque d'or web-based portal Netco offers a full-service solution for most of your needs in corporate law.

Netco incorporates the following solutions:

  • Name Searches
  • Incorporations – Quebec, Federal and Ontario
  • Organizational Proceedings – with or without the constitution
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Upon Death of Shareholder
  • Tax Numbers And Permits
  • Corporate Supplies
  • Personalized Share Certificates
  • Annual Resolutions

Why choose Netco?

  • Because no other transactional plateform in corporate management offers you that much
  • Because we verify your data before their electronnic filing –  Unlike QER Online filing that offers no validation solution
  • Because we offer the schedules and the by-laws for professional corporations
  • Because we comply with Regulation 45-106 and with « B2B » standards of the QER
  • Because we offer free funds advance at no aditionnal charges
  • Because we indicate prices upon selection of services


Save money!

  • 58$ on our fees for the incorporation
  • 24$ on our registration service with the tax authorities (source deductions, GST/PST)
  • 34$ on our fees for complete organizational proceedings
  • A free, powerful and modern system


How to open a Netco account?

New Client:
If you are a new Marque d'or client, please fill the form available here. You will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information to connect to Netco.

Existing Client:
If you are already client of Marque d'or, please write us at to request a username and password.

How to access Netco :
Click on the Login tab located at the top of this Web page.
Select Netco and enter your username and password.

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Need Support? Questions?
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