New Entity Management Online Service - Enhancements!

New Entity Management Online Service - Enhancements!

Discover why we`re really excited about what this new service and the new enhancements that have been added – like improved email notifications and a series of how-to videos.

Entity Management Online is a secure Canadian cloud-based solution that streamlines the process of managing and maintaining your corporate records. Our centralized database is integrated with our line of related transactional services – including direct-to-government filing.  The recent enhancements include:


E-mail notifications – now even better: 
• Automated email updates now include the name of the relevant corporation, and can be amended to inform you when an order is completed or failed;
• Designate a default email or, if you’d prefer, set your email notices to automatically go to the order contact each time;
• Reminder email notifications will also show additional relevant details as opposed to simply linking back to the transaction, which makes it easier to work on the go;
• When sharing information using the Smart Share feature, you can now indicate a specific ‘Reply-To’ address.


Additional enhancements to note:
• Incorporating with a future filing date? Now you can submit your Initial Return at the same time – it will be queued and automatically submitted once your company is incorporated;
• Real-time check for invalid characters in your Provisions and Restrictions sections;
• Recover and copy any failed orders for resubmission with one single click;
• The Orders page has been optimized to include column sorting and a convenient shortcut which allows you to load a data extract for simplified filing;
• Watch the series of quick instructional videos to showcase the main features and workflows within Entity Management. They are conveniently located on the right hand side of the Entity Management dashboard under ‘Tutorial Videos’.

• As always, simply request training by clicking on the ‘Request Training’ link, located just below the initial ‘Tutorial Videos’ link (see image below).


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With Entity Management services from Cyberbahn, you'll spend less time entering and maintaining data – and have more time to focus on providing your expertise and growing your business. 

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