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The power of a name has always been seen as a key asset for any business. Now, finding the right business name is easier with the Comprehensive Name Report. You get a thorough, detailed report you can reply on. Download a sample of our report for and see for yourself!

When incorporating a company, a good name is one that reflects your corporate identity, is memorable and meaningful. Is your corporate name distinct, or does it sound like or look like another name that could lead to confusion? Do you want to develop a distinctive brand name that will be easily recognized?

A fundamental component of Company Formation is determining the availability of your name for use across all Canadian jurisdictions. Carswell Legal Solutions will assist you by searching different variations of a name to determine all similar corporate entities registered with various governments in Canada.

Our searches also support all Quebec and Canadian Trademarks and will provide an overview of names that are similar, or names that sound phonetically the same. For more complex searches, or for searches where a business will be registered in the Province of Quebec, a comprehensive name search report is available and will list all trade names being used in Canada by consulting various common law directories and additional databases.

Feature and Benefits

  • Consists of a “Name in Use Report’ which provides information on name usage by indicating where the name is being used and in what area of business.
  • Contains Domain Names, key information for a potential website that can become your biggest ‘Marketing’ and business tool.
  • The Report is delivered to you in an easy to read PDF report.
  • We will search multiple databases across Canada and present approximately 50 hits per database.
  • Strong word pattern association for identifying possibly confusing terms.
  • Includes multiple reports and highlighted summaries.


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