Court Issuance and Filing

Accurate and reliable court filings and searches at all levels of the Judicial System.

All Court Filings are currently managed via our full service division. Our services include:

  • Court filings and searches at the Superior Court of Justice, Family Court, Bankruptcy, Estate Court, Federal court, Court of Appeal and Small Claims Court*

  • A team of full-time court clerks permanently based in the Toronto Courts**

  • Daily Court attendance in all Toronto Courts, Newmarket, Milton, Brampton, Barrie, Oshawa, Whitby, and Toronto small claims*

  • A reliable network of agents across Canada and worldwide for out of town filings

  • In-house Litigation experts to manage your files to ensure accurate and timely filings

  • Extensive resources to support rush last-minute filing requests

  • We review all filings against the Rules of Civil Procedure for - time requirements and limitations, proper format of court documents, appropriate court office for filing, additional forms/affidavits/exhibits that form part of a package, binding/tabbing of documents, and issuance and filing fees.

  • Access to Legal i Link™: Our secure online portal which tracks the status of your order(s) 24/7 in real time.

Filing court documents that don’t require an original signature?

Submit your request to us electronically – and we’ll take care of the rest. Use Legal i Link to upload the required court documents and specify your Court Region, Court Office and Court Division. Tell us if these documents must be filed on an urgent basis and include any specific issuance instructions. We will also serve any of the parties listed in the documents as per your request. Through Legal i Link eServices you can submit requests electronically to have Carswell Legal Solutions attend any court in the judicial system to issue and file any court documents that do not require an original signature. Some examples**:

  • Information for Court Use

  • Jury Notice

  • Notice of Application

  • Notice of Action

  • Statement of Claim

  • Action Commenced by Notice of Action

  • Mortgage Action – Foreclosure

  • Statement of Defence

  • Statement of Defence and Counterclaim

  • Summons to a Witness Outside Ontario

  • Summons to a Witness at Hearing

  • Summons to a Witness Examination out of Court

  • Third Party Claim

Need documents picked up and delivered?

If you have court documents that can’t be easily uploaded or require special attention, just send us an electronic request and we’ll pick up your documents. Print your confirmation and attach it as your memo to your documents. Choose pickup times ranging from next day service to super direct service. Specify the number of documents and we’ll arrange the appropriate delivery method. Indicate the filing court and we’ll dispatch the documents with a “today limitation” and send them directly to the courts for processing.

Features and Benefits

  • Access to Legal i Link eServices - submit your litigation process documents to us easily using Legal i Link, guaranteeing that your request is received instantly, processed accurately and completed on time. Legal i Link will provide real-time status updates to allow you to track them 24/7 so you’ll know exactly when your document has been issued, served or filed. And you’ll get access to your invoices, affidavits, and issued claims in PDF format. Legal i Link provides you with improved convenience and control as we process the request.

  • Get the details that give you confidence – Carswell Legal Solutions internal eBoard, an electronic tracking tool used to track and support requests more effectively, means keeping a closer eye on limitations and deadlines, providing significant efficiency when compared to current practices.

  • "Real time" status emails

  • Instant access to results such as issued claims and affidavits of service

  • Government fees are disbursed on your behalf with no additional service charge

  • Documents you upload have enhanced search options for future reference

  • Original documents returned to your office

  • Submit orders at any time of day

  • Leverage corporate services to support the litigation process

*Our services extend across all court levels and across Canada and the US. For confirmation or if you have any specific questions relating to court issuances and filings outside of Ontario, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. Refer to the “Besoin de support? Questions?” section on our main page for more information and contact details.

**Court documents that do not require original signature may vary by jurisdiction. For confirmation or if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. Refer to the “Besoin de support? Questions?” section on our main page for more information and contact details.

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