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So, you've decided you are ready to open that bake shop and turn your passion for baking into a profitable business. Great news – we can take it from here. We've helped thousands of people like you make their dream of business ownership a reality!

Thomson Reuters handles the entire business registration process from start to finish, and the best part is it only takes minutes.

Before you start a business, let's double check a few key pieces of information to ensure we are all ready to go.

  • Did you think of a name for your business? Choose one that people will quickly learn to associate with your product, trade or profession.
  • Have you decided if you are registering your business provincially or federally? Remember, incorporating federally will allow you to secure your name across Canada.
  • Have you considered what your corporate address will be? Note, this must be a commercial address and can't be a post office box.
  • Have you given thought on how your business is organized? The directors, officers and shareholders?
  • Have you decided on a business year-end for accounting purposes?

Thinking of starting a business?

Find out what information you’ll need to register a business in Ontario.

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