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What is Carswell Legal Solutions?

Cyberbahn and Marque d’or are now Carswell Legal Solutions. As Cyberbahn and Marque d’or, we established individual reputations as the leading providers of corporate and litigation support services. 

Together as Carswell Legal Solutions, we offer a one-stop source of comprehensive corporate and litigation support services across Canada. Our name has changed, but we still offer the same superior service you’ve come to expect. Carswell Legal Solutions is a division of Thomson Reuters Canada Limited.

I am interested in finding out more about Carswell Legal Solutions and its offerings? How can I do this?

You may learn more about our services by clicking on the Products and Services link on the top menu bar. We have taken a solution based approach and divided our services into 4 main categories:

Entity Management– here you will find information on all services that pertain to starting and maintaining a company, such as incorporations, business registrations, initial and annual return filings or declarations, corporate legal supplies, company organization and proceedings and legal drafting.

Due Diligence- here you will find all services that pertain to conducting a search on a corporate record across Canada for mergers & acquisitions, financings, share and asset purchase and litigation. You will have access to obtaining reports such as corporate profiles and statuses or attestations, writs of execution, bank acts, official receiver, PPSA/RDPRM, business name searches.

Litigation - here you will find all services that pertain to issuing, serving and filing the appropriate documents with the correct court office in order to be able to dispute a matter before the court. You will also have access to obtaining reports such as locate reports, address reports, and police reports.

Professional Development– here you can take advantage on several types of training in corporate law on a wide range of current issues. These courses and conferences, given by experienced professionals and renowned jurists, allow you to remain at all times at the forefront of the latest developments in corporate law. We focus on your professional development and your knowledge of our online portals

You may also complete the Contact Us form located within the ‘Info Centre’ section directly from the home page or call us toll free in Toronto at 1-800-267-0183 option 4 or in Quebec 1-800-668-0668. You can also email us at in Toronto or in Montreal.

Can Carswell Legal Solutions provide me with advice on how to fill out any of the government forms or legal documents?

If you require legal advice prior to conducting any filings, these inquiries should be directed to legal counsel. Although our customer support staff can provide assistance with which fields are mandatory for completion of documents, the names of the forms that must be completed, they are unable to provide legal advice as to what information is to be entered onto the forms.

I am interested in opening up an account with Carswell Legal Solutions to use multiple services on a regular basis. How do I register to do this?

From the ‘Info Centre’ tab on the home page, select ‘Open an Account’ and click on whether you would like to set up an account using the Toronto or Montreal offices. Select the option that best meets your business needs and click on the ‘Register Now’ button to register. For assistance with registration, simply contact our Solutions Consultants at:

Toronto Office - or call us at 416-306-3087 or toll free at 800-267-0183 option 2.

Montreal Office – or call us at 514-393-9900 or toll free at 800-668-0668.

If I only need to use your services once or on occasion, do I need to open up an account with Carswell Legal Solutions?

Notwithstanding the location of our offices, you do not have to open an account and you may pay by credit card. From the ‘Info Centre’ tab on the home page, select ‘Open an Account’ and click on the Toronto offices, for example. Select option 3 or 4 to get started. Both options will allow you to pay by credit card, however option 4 offers a wizard based approach to incorporations, it allows you to answer a series of questions that will guide to the right incorporation choice given your needs.

Is there a fee to sign up for any of the services?

Setting up an account with Carswell Legal Solutions is completely FREE. You will be charged for your transactions that you process through the system.

How does Carswell Legal Solutions invoice me for services?

If services are processed via the Toronto offices, you will receive a monthly electronic invoice consolidating all charges incurred during a particular month. Along with the monthly invoice you will also receive a statement summarizing your transaction and credit details. This electronic invoice is e-mailed to the accounting contact.

If services are processed via the Montreal offices, you will be invoiced by transaction. Every request placed will yield an invoice.

Where can I find help? What hours is support available?

Our support teams provide friendly and helpful assistance to our users.

Call 1-800-267-0183 or 416-306-3070 or email if you require support in English via our Toronto office. Customer support is available Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 6:00pm EST.

Call 1-800-668-0668 or 514-393-4060 or email if you require support in French via our Montreal office. Customer support is available Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

How do I sign in my Carswell Legal Solutions account?

All Carswell Legal Solutions users must set up an account, to receive a username and create a password. To set up an account, select ‘Open an account’ from the ‘Info Centre’ tab on the home page. An email notification will be sent to your email account with your account details. You will sign in by using your login tab located to the right side of the top menu bar. Select the applicable system from the service options, enter your username and password and click SIGN IN. You may check “Remember my login information” to save your login credentials on your computer.

What if I forget my password?

There is an automated Forgot Password feature that will allow you to reset your own password without Carswell Legal Solutions intervention. Select the Forgot Password option from your login window. Once selected, you will be directed to the Forgot Password page, where you will enter your Username and click Submit. An email notification will be sent to your email account, which contains a link instructing you to a Reset Password page.

What methods of payment are accepted?

You may make your payments by mailing a cheque or by credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX).

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