The continuance of existing Federal Not-For-Profit Corporations to the new Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (NFPCA)

The new NFPCA has been in force since October 17, 2011. All Not-for-Profit Corporations registered under the old Canada Corporations Act, Part 2, have had three years to continue under the new Act. As of October 18, 2014, corporations that have not undergone the process to continue under the new Act  will be deemed inactive and a 120-day dissolution process will be initiated by Corporations Canada.

Carswell Legal Solutions is here to help

In order to meet this final deadline and to simplify the process on your behalf, Carswell Legal Solutions is offering to assist you in the continuation of your existing Not-for-Profit corporation to the new NFPCA.

Services included

The following services are included to assist you in providing support for your clients:

  • Replace the organization’s letters patent, any supplementary letters patent with new charter documents by submitting articles of Continuance (Form 4031).
  • Drafting the required minutes necessary to support any Continuance
  • Under your guidance and direction, draft and file the Articles of Continuance
  • File Form 4002 – Initial Registered Office Address and First Board of Directors
  • Preparation of all required organizational proceedings, “post-Continuance”
  • Preparation and filing of the newly required general by-laws of the Corporation
  • Confirmation and preparation of all of the Corporation’s members, Directors’ and Officers’ registers
  • Preparation of all membership certificates
  • Any and all other requirements to support this process along with the necessary interviews to collect the relevant information


  • A fully national solution valid in all provinces
  • All documentation including all the required minutes, resolutions, Articles of Continuance, and any other documents that may be required to support the process
  • A full review and updating of the corporations’ by-laws
  • The opportunity to properly review and update all of the membership lists as well as the board of directors of the corporation
  • Compliance support with all requirements for the continuance

This solution, and all the required documents and filings, allowing you to cater to your clients' needs, starts at $600.00 for a full package. This price does not include applicable disbursements, taxes, any Name Search Reports and reservation, the drafting and the filing of the updating declaration at the REQ or its equivalent in other provinces or Corporate Supplies.

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