Agent Representation

Doing business outside of your jurisdiction and do not have a physical address, a registered agent? Need an agent in the Province of Ontario or Quebec?

The Carswell Legal Solutions difference:

Filing extra-provincial registrations and licences to conduct business in other jurisdictions requires you to maintain and appoint a registered agent with a physical location in those provinces where you will be carrying on business. Furthermore, your agent for service must always be available during business hours, throughout the year.

Use Carswell Legal Solutions in Ontario and Quebec as your agent for service. We will be your point of contact with government corporate registries. We will receive all official government documents on your company’s behalf; make sure they are handled properly so that you are aware of deadlines that may affect your business.

Benefits of using Carswell Legal Solutions as your Agent for Service

  • Fast and reliable representation
  • Immediate notification by email of documents or notices received
  • Documents sent electronically or overnight as applicable
  • Receive notifications reminding you of annual requirements
  • Provide support and answer any questions or concerns that may arise
  • support you with all filing requirements



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