Business Amendments

Post business formation, there may be amendments, renewals and discharges that may need to take place in order to keep the business information up-to-date. The process for amending business names varies per province in terms of the necessary steps to take as well as the fees that may apply.

Business Names amendments can consist of:

  • Name Change

  • Address change

  • Change in applicants

  • Change in the corporation behind the business name

  • Cancellation

  • Renewal

  • Addition or removal of partners to a partnership

  • Carswell Legal Solutions will offer support leveraging three service levels:

  • Full service (fully assisted by our staff)

  • Partially assisted (blended support model)

  • Self service (Client self-service)

Let Carswell Legal Solutions help prepare or verify all applicable documents and additional forms in order to successfully amend, renew or cancel your business name across Canada.

Once filed with Government Services, the amendments will form part of the minute book and corporate record.

Feature and Benefits

  • Receive immediate verification upon successful filing with the corporate registries

  • Validate all data based on the Business Names Act within the jurisdiction

  • Verify all data to ensure compliance

  • A one-stop shop for all components of the lifecycle: business formation and beyond

  • Predictable fixed cost for transactional solutions

  • Offers a full-service supported solution to help with the post formation of your business

  • Receive updated information in electronic format

  • Ensure compliance beyond registration

  • All documents stored in one place

  • Tips and guidance to make sure it’s done right


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