Business Registrations and Declaration of Registration

Pursuant to the Business Names Act, if you would like to operate a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, extra-provincial business name you must register the business name in the province that you will be doing business in. Also, if you would like to use any name other than your corporation name you must register a trade name. A trade name is any name different than your corporation name for which you carry on business. It’s important to recognize that a trade name is not a Trademark.

Some basic principles to keep in mind when registering a business name:

  • Business Names registered under the Business Names Act are “not protected” from use by other entities. Anyone else can use the exact same name to register a completely different business.

  • There is no limit on the number of business names that can be registered for each corporation

  • Depending on jurisdiction, some business names expire every 5 years and must be renewed. Business names expiry vary by province.

If you choose to file a business name registration, the appropriate Government office will provide proof of registration. The proof or registration will also form part of the minute book. Also keep in mind that if a business name is adopted, you may have to list the corporate name together with the business name(s) in legal contracts or documents.

Let Carswell Legal Solutions help you prepare all applicable documents and additional forms in order to successfully register your business names across Canada.

You can send us all your documents that you have already completed or require assistance with and ask us to verify and file them on your behalf.

Feature and Benefits

  • Receive immediate verification upon successful filing with the corporate registries
  • Validate all data based on the Business Names Act within the relevant jurisdiction
  • Verify all data to ensure compliance
  • Predictable fixed cost for transactional and packaged solutions
  • Receive updated information in electronic format
  • Ensure compliance beyond registration
  • All documents stored in one place
  • Tips and guidance to make sure it’s done right
  • Expert assistance/support


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