Corporation and Business Name Information

Search for corporate information across Canada and the U.S. to identify all relevant parties to a transaction or matter of interest. This information forms the foundation of additional diligence searches that may be required.

Select from the following Corporation and Business Name Information*:

Business Names Report – displays current information on the public record for the subject business names. All applicants are listed. Some historical information, such as amendments and cancellations and renewals are included in the report.

Certificate of Status/Compliance/Attestation/Good Standing – identifies the current status of the corporation. It is available for all domestic corporations and for extra-provincial foreign corporations. In some provinces you may obtain a status for extra-provincial domestic corporations as well

Copies of documents - Obtain historical information, chartered documents and copies of all filings such as Articles of Incorporation, Amalgamation, Amendment, Change notices, and Annuals. A PDF copy of those documents will be created and sent to you electronically.

Corporation Profile - displays current information on the public record for the subject corporation. All active directors and officers are listed. Some historical information, such as amalgamating corporations, and name history are included in the report.

List of Business Names – displays current business names registered by a Corporation. Not all provinces will display all expired business names, therefore is certain jurisdictions an expired business name list may be obtained.

List of Documents Filed - identifies all documents filed by the corporation, most provinces will provide the filing date for each document.

List of Documents Filed for Business Names - sets out all documents that have been filed in relation to the business name registered, including the filing date for each document.

List of Business Names for Partnerships - sets out all additional business names registered or renewed by an existing General Partnership or Limited Partnership.

Replica of Documents for Business Names - sets out all of the information filed on a particular document. It is available for new, renewal, amendment and cancellation documents filed under the Business Names Act.

Features and Benefits

Amalgamation Chart (available for Ontario only) - allows you to produce the historical chart for an amalgamated corporation with a single click of a button. This chart is generated in PDF and can be expanded to provide more detail. Each corporate entry has a brief summary with additional key information available as needed. Users can also navigate their way back through a particular corporate history or sections of the amalgamation chart by using the Predecessor List function.

Nationwide name lookup feature - lookup feature that searches for existing corporate and business names across key databases in Canada. This allows you to quickly view a name that may be registered in multiple jurisdictions and compare any similar names that may also need searching.

Enhanced search algorithm - we’ve developed a Carswell Legal Solution specific algorithm that reviews results taken from multiple databases and organizes them to meet your specific needs.

Access to shortcuts and recommendations – these are based on deal type, search requirements are suggested based on a particular transaction (i.e. merger and acquisition transactions vs. a financing transactions).

Post-date your searches across Canada and structure your deal ahead of time. Our solution helps you to organize your due-diligence needs by providing an opportunity to pre-request all your searches for when you need them.

Update your searches across Canada with one click – copy the transaction over!

Search summaries and additional searches available across Canada after viewing search results

Express workflow and bulk order feature - simplified process to order the most requested searches.

Request numerous reports over multiple jurisdictions – all within the same transaction

*Results and report types may vary by jurisdiction. For confirmation or if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. Refer to the “Need support? Questions?” section on our main page for more information and contact details.


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