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Our corporate due diligence searches just got faster and easier. Structure your deals with increased confidence, ease and efficiency. Our new enhanced due diligence gives you online functionality that includes dramatically improved searching, intelligent technology for faster response time, and powerful new automated tasks.

Introducing Due Diligence Services

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Experience dramatically improved searching and new workflow features:

  • Nationwide name look-up and our enhanced Smart Search algorithm – Quickly view relevant results of names that may be registered in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Express solutions and templates – Our new Express Order allows you to order the most requested searches quickly and efficiently.
  • Tips and guidance make sure it’s done right – We validate your work at every step along the way
  • Stored client information means no re-keying – Use new “shortcuts” to get to search templates quickly.
  • Faster turnaround times – Prepare your search requirements ahead of time and request post-dated searches.
  • Bulk Order self-service – Save time entering large transactions and get more searches in a single request.
  • Customized PPSA delivery information  Specify the person who is to receive each PPSA certificate (even when all PPSAs are ordered in the same transaction), the ultimate flexibility! 
  • More real time reports   Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec profile to name a few. 

Take a closer look at the advantages below.

Name Look-up & Enhanced Smart Search Algorithm

Due Diligence - Name Look-up & Enhanced Smart Search Algorithm

Effortlessly request post dated searches

Due Diligence - Effortlessly request post dated searches

Easily order multiple reports

Due Diligence - Easily order multiple reports

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