Extra-Provincial Registrations

Pursuant to the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act for each province, if you would like to conduct business in any other province or territory you must register extra-provincially in the province in which you will be doing business. The extra-provincial registration process varies per province in terms of the necessary steps to take as well as the fees that may apply.

In order to register the company in other provinces successfully, you need to order a NUANS name search report or provincial name search report (depending on specific requirement in each province) in order to determine the availability of the company name in that jurisdiction. Keep in mind thought that it is possible that your corporation name may already exist in other provinces, unless federally incorporated.

Registering your business extra-provincially will allow you to carry on the following activities in the specific jurisdiction:

  • Hire employees
  • Have facilities or offices
  • Open up bank accounts

If the extra-provincial registrations are domestic (within Canada), you are not required to file annual returns in the extra-provincial provinces, filing the annual return for your home province will suffice.

The filed extra-provincial registration(s) will also form part of the minute book you are required to maintain for your corporation.

Let Carswell Legal Solutions help you conduct a name check, the constituting documents and additional forms in order to successfully register your company across Canada.

You can send us articles, declarations or other documents that you have already completed or need assistance completing and ask us to verify and file them on your behalf. We also offer name searches, minute books, legal accessories as part of the registration process. We even incorporate in the United States.

Feature and Benefits

  • Receive instantaneous receipt of registration upon successful filing with the corporate registries
  • Receive assistance with name clearance
  • Validate all data based on the applicable Extra-Provincial Corporations Act
  • Verify all data to ensure compliance
  • A one-stop shop for all components of the lifecycle: Entity Formation and beyond
  • Predictable fixed cost for transactional and packaged solutions
  • Offers a full-service supported solution to help with the formation of your company
  • Receive updated organizational information
  • Bundle with corporate legal supplies
  • Ensure compliance beyond registration
  • Process annual requirements via annual reminders



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