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Every corporation has its own distinct culture and history. And your minute book is a reflection of your organization’s unique personality. So when it comes to corporate supplies, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our corporate supply service offers you a wide variety of ordering options.


Minute Books from Carswell Legal Solutions

To showcase your organization’s unique personality, we have also added the ability to personalize the spine of your minute book to include, along with the corporation name, things such as the name of your organization/firm and/or lawyer’s name. Design and customize your own unique minute book spine! See more in our Corporate Supplies Catalogue here.

Choose one of our convenient minute book packages. Or, if you don’t find a package that suits you, try our MyPak option – and mix and match components to create your own customized minute book kit. And if you don’t need a complete package, you can always order minute book paper, share certificates or any other corporate supplies separately.

Whatever you need, however you need it, we’ll deliver it within 24 hours after you place your order. Flexible and fast, our corporate supply service is designed for you.

Our convenient Minute Book packages


Choose from three styles of minute book. Each style comes pre-packaged with minute paper, index and register pages, Mark Maker corporate embosser, 12 common share certificates, by-laws and opening resolutions.


Choose from five styles of minute book, three styles of seal, and a wide variety of different share certificates.


Create your own customized minute book package. Choose from a wide variety of minute book styles, including a legal size for condominium incorporations. Select everything from plates and lettering to the tabs and inside pages of your minute book. Mix and match them any way you want – the combinations are endless.

Order individual corporate supplies

Don’t need a complete package? You always have the option to order any corporate supplies individually – from minute books and minute paper to share certificates, bylaws and resolutions to corporate embossers and seals.

A corporate supply service designed for you – with a variety of ordering options, time-saving order entry and a fast and efficient delivery service.

Our Minute Books Feature and Benefits

  • Fast and efficient delivery service – receive all supplies next business day.
  • Time saving order entry - whichever option you choose, you can save your standard supply order in a template for future orders.
  • Convenient integration with the various jurisdictions such as Ontario and Federal Articles of Incorporation - order our corporate supplies through the Ontario and Federal Articles of Incorporation portals. Your corporate name will automatically populate the order form, saving you time and eliminating errors.
  • Flexibility in ordering options - pre-packaged kits, complete customization, and individual order options. 328 b wing 2 days


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