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With an increasing number of corporate filings made each year, keeping track of changes and monitoring accuracy manually becomes a time-consuming challenge.

To assist, Carswell Legal Solutions offers FileAdvisor and Compliance Watch - two online monitoring services that offer a fast, efficient way to keep track of changes to your clients’ corporate records.


FileAdvisor monitors Ontario Corporation Numbers (OCNs) and notifies you of any filings made to those corporate records. It’s the effortless way to keep track of any changes made by accountants, clerks, clients, or even unauthorized individuals.

FileAdvisor alerts you when the following filings are made against your corporate record:

  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Revival
  • Articles of Amalgamation
  • CIA Annual Return
  • CIA Initial Return
  • CIA Notice of Change
  • Registration/Cancellation of a Style Registration (Form 2)
  • Notice of Opportunity to be Heard (AR)(EPCA 7(1))
  • Default Complying with CIA (AR)(BCA 241(3))
  • Default Complying with CIA (AR)(CA 317(9))

Compliance Watch

Compliance Watch compares any subscribed OCNs against the Ontario Gazette corporate activity announcements – and notifies you if any OCNs are in default according to the listed statutes. Compliance Watch alerts you when your corporate record appears on any of the following lists:

  • Certificate of Dissolution (BCA 10)
  • Certificate of Dissolution (BCA 11)
  • Default Complying with Corporate Tax Act (BCA 241 (1))
  • Cancellation for Failure to File Corporate Tax (BCA 241(4))
  • Cancellation for Failure to File (AR)(CA 317 (9))
  • Cancellation of EP Licence for Failure to File (AR) (EPCA7(1))
  • Cancellation for Failure to File (AR) (BCA 241(4))

Feature and Benefits

  • Reduce your clients’ exposure to the risk of fraud
  • Maintain corporate due diligence – efficiently and effectively
  • Prevent costly and time-consuming corporate default procedures
  • Reduce the time you spend on administrative duties


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