Notice of Change/Amending Declarations

Pursuant to the Business Corporations Act, when certain types of changes occur within your organization, a Notice of Change or amending declaration must be filed with the applicable Government office within a certain period of time after the change(s) take place.

This filing will allow you to file the following changes:

  • Amend registered and mailing office address

  • Appoint new, change or cease officers and directors of the corporation

  • Amend the minimum and maximum number of directors or fixed number of directors

Once filed with the corporate registry, all notices of change will form part of the minute book.                     

Feature and Benefits

  • Receive immediate verification upon successful filing with the corporate registries
  • Validate all data based on the Corporations Information Act
  • Verify all data to ensure compliance
  • A one-stop shop for all components of the lifecycle: entity post formation and beyond
  • Predictable fixed cost for transactional and packaged solutions
  • Offers a full-service supported solution to help with the post formation requirements
  • Ensure compliance beyond filing and registration
  • Access to your updated electronic minute book
  • All documents stored into one convenient location


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