NUANS and Provincial Reports

NUANS and Provincial Name Searches are required by various governments in order to incorporate a named company. Several provinces have adopted the NUANS (Federal, Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories). All other jurisdictions (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Manitoba, Yukon and Nunavut,Quebec) use a different form of name reservation.

The Carswell Legal Solutions difference:

A NUANS report is a five or six page document that includes a list of corporations, business names and trademarks that appear and sound similar to the name being proposed for a new corporation. This report must be ordered and submitted to the pertinent jurisdiction, along with the Articles of Incorporation, in almost all cases. When a NUANS search is ordered on the proposed corporate name, that report has a life of 90 days from the date the report was issued. This date appears in the left-hand column beside the proposed name. If the articles are not filed and approved in the relevant jurisdiction within this 90-day period, another search must be requested.

The jurisdictions not using NUANS provide similar search documentation that must be included with the Incorporation documents. Unlike the Comprehensive Name Search Reports, the NUANS Report only checks for names against the NUANS database and the provincial report only checks for names against its respective provincial databases. Quebec company names do not appear on NUANS or on the individual province databases. Refer to Comprehensive Name Reports for name clearance in Quebec.

Let Carswell Legal Solutions verify corporate name availability prior to incorporating and obtain a mandatory NUANS or provincial report. These reports are available in approximately 1 hour and are also available on an expedited basis, with a 30-minute turnaround time.


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