Organizational Proceedings

You have successfully incorporated your company. What happens next?

Upon receipt of an incorporation certificate, the incorporators or their legal representatives are required by law to keep an up-to-date minute book containing your formal corporate documentation at the corporation’s registered head office (in many cases this information is left with the law firm that initiated the registration on behalf of the client).

Let Carswell Legal Solutions assist you in creating your corporate documentation. We will draft, generate and assemble all forms and documents that relate to corporate structure and governance:

  • By-laws
  • Directors, shareholders and officers’ registers
  • Directors, shareholders and officers’ resolutions
  • Share certificates
  • Shareholders’ ledgers
  • Share issuances and any transfers
  • Organizing resolutions
  • Declaration of registration or initial declaration
  • Corporate summary

This service is available for for-profit companies incorporating at the federal or provincial level, including professional corporations, whether pre-incorporated or not.

You may organize your company online (do it yourself) or through our full-serve option with support from our experienced law clerks.

Features and Benefits

  • We submit documents and information to the government, we draft and verify the required documents
  • Tips and guidance to support the entire process to ensure it’s done right
  • Expert assistance/support
  • Advanced technology to manage data, precedents and events
  • Easy access to electronic minute book with all relevant corporate data
  • Centralized, secured storage of electronic data
  • User friendly interface
  • Validation of data at time of entry
  • Stored info to reduce having to re-key

A multi jurisdictional and bilingual service. A better way to register. A better way to manage your incorporations. A better way to manage your costs without compromising quality. A better online solution that lets you work with everything you need, everywhere you need it. A better set of tools that lets you see everything so you don’t miss anything. A better connected solution.


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