PPSA/RDPRM Registrations

Register, renew, amend and discharge your financing statements in any jurisdiction across Canada.

The Carswell Legal Solutions difference:

We offer a Comprehensive PPSA service across Canada that features:

VIN Verification

Authenticate all motor vehicles added as collateral to your PPSA registration. With just a click, our system will validate your motor vehicle and automatically populate the make, model, and year of the motor vehicle. This will help you register correct motor vehicle information, save you time, and perhaps also prevent future amendments.

Debtor Letters

Select “Notification Letter” when adding Debtors to your registration, and we will automatically generate a request for a notification letter to be sent to the debtor. Once the registration has been successfully completed, we will generate and mail out the notification letter to the selected debtor. A copy will also be made available for your files.


(Ontario) PPSA data is delivered electronically as soon as possible, regardless of report length, improving the transparency of results in transactional closings. As an added bonus, the VERO report provides a chronological summary on the last page, making it easier to follow all of the borrowing activity on a long report. You can copy and paste from this report and use all regular PDF search features, making your information handling easy and accurate.

Enhanced Search Report (ESR)

Save valuable time by receiving all of your PPSAs summarized in one concise, comprehensive report. This report provides you with details about Jurisdiction, Statute and Office Searched, Debtor and Secured Party Information, general collateral and motor vehicle details, and any amendments.

Features and Benefits

Use the copy feature to duplicate registration information into other jurisdictions, eliminating data entry

Validation alerts highlight any errors that may have been made, saving time and eliminating future amendments

Summary feature with date/time stamp allows you to print, save, and store transactions

Set and track expiry dates of registrations with our convenient reminder system, showing the number of registrations expiring in a given number of days

Store default details into a database you create for commonly used registering agents, secured parties, debtors, and collateral that you can use when drafting PPSA filings

Select language preference for Quebec RDPRM registrations

Request post-dated PPSAs across Canada


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