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Search under the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) to determine whether there are any registrations made against the target company (liens, debentures) under the various personal property registry systems across Canada. The search will indicate whether the personal property of a corporation, business or individual is encumbered and subject to the security interests of secured creditors. The search should be conducted in the jurisdiction(s) where property or assets are owned or the business is registered.

The Carswell Legal Solutions difference:

We offer an unrivalled and Comprehensive PPSA service across Canada that features:

PPSA VERO (Ontario)

PPSA data is delivered electronically as soon as possible, regardless of report length, improving the transparency of results in transactional closings. As an added bonus, the VERO report provides a chronological summary on the last page, making it easier to follow all of the borrowing activity on a long report. You can copy and paste from this report and use all regular PDF search features, making your information handling easy and accurate.


Save valuable time by receiving all of your PPSAs summarized in one concise, comprehensive report. This report provides you with details about Jurisdiction, Statute and Office Searched, Debtor and Secured Party Information, general collateral and motor vehicle details, and any amendments.

Our PPSA Features and Benefits

Request post-dated PPSA searches across Canada

Request updated PPSA searches across Canada with one click

Request PPSA search summaries and additional PPSA searches across Canada after viewing your initial search results

Express workflow and bulk order feature - simplified process to order a long list of PPSA results

Request numerous PPSA searches over multiple jurisdictions – all within the same transaction


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