Real Estate Registrations

Register on land across Canada and the U.S. Register a document on title.


  • Construction Liens on title

  • Certificates of Action after commencing a construction lien proceeding with the court

  • Release of Construction Lien once a matter has been settled

  • Certificates of Pending Litigation once an action affecting land has been commenced at the courts.

  • Notices of Lease on lands

  • Application to change a name of a corporate owner after Articles of Amendment or Amalgamation have been registered

  • Notice of Change of Address for Service

  • Notice of Security Interest to add further assurance on a PPSA registered that affects collateral on a given land


Guidance along the way - a senior real estate clerk available for complex title matters and full searching and registration capabilities. Tackle any request with ease.

A comprehensive database of agents in all of the Land Titles Registry Offices in order to register documents quickly. This allows you to have a one-stop shop for all your real estate needs.


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