Real Estate Searches

Search the land registry across Canada and the U.S. Determine ownership of lands and identify encumbrances registered on title.

Select from the following services:

Obtain a copy of a parcel/abstract – a document which includes property legal description and a list of documents registered on land including transfers/deed, charges/mortgages, liens, and easements. Copies of the documents and plans listed on the parcel are available. It is also possible to search title going back to the Crown Patent

A copy of a parcel or abstract is used to:

  • Determine the owner or other parties of interest on land in order to commence an action in court.
  • Locate individuals for the purpose of serving materials.
  • Determine assets for the purposes of enforcing judgments and assets.
  • Determine ownership on title and what encumbrances are registered.
  • Verify what is on title.

Copy of a document registered on title – lien, mortgage, transfer, notice of rents, PIN map, and power of attorney registered on title

Off-Title Searches – these are searches used to determine whether there are any problems that may affect your title. These include but are not limited to:

  • retrieving a copy of a Tax Certificate
  • searching unregistered Hydro Easements
  • searching Cemeteries and Burial lands
  • searching Building Zoning
  • searching Indian Land
  • obtain Crown Patent copies
  • environmental Searches
  • fire Dept Compliance search
  • searching corporate information relating to parties on title

Features and Benefits

  • we provide tools and resources to locate information relating to 'difficult to search or confirm' pieces of land. You have the ability to upload or send to us sketches, maps or photos in order for our team to provide the results required - save yourself the travel to different land registry offices across Canada.
  • a comprehensive solution across all of the Land Titles Registry Offices in order to obtain quick and reliable historical documents if required. This allows you to have a one-stop shop for all of Canada.
  • we target your specific inquiries by providing a reporting letter for all searches conducted.



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