Trademark Registrations

Register a trademark in order to distinguish your products or services from others in the marketplace. Protect it from misinterpretation or imitation. Build a reputation and a strong brand and market presence for your company.

To best describe your products and services, a trademark can take the form of a word, a design, a symbol or a combination of them all.

In Canada, successful registration of a trademark can take up to 18 months and involves multiple approval processes.

Let Carswell Legal Solutions help you with:

Initial Application – we will register the trademark by filing an application with the trademarks’ office. We will conduct a trademark search to rule out identical trademarks and will provide you with trademark particulars in the case that identical names exist.

Initial Examination – the trademark office must conduct a search to verify existing trademarks and rule out confusion, similarities and conflicts. The name is also examined to determine registrability according to regulations and naming requirements (for example, does it meet the descriptive elements). Because we conduct a trademark search before the initial application there should be no surprises.

Approval – once the initial examination has been passed, the name will be submitted for advertisement

Advertisement – the information relating to the trademark will be published into the trademark journal to allow any other party to review the information and oppose the name by filing an opposition. We will keep an eye on the matter and advise on any development.

Allowance – if the trademark office receives no objections within 8 weeks, they will allow for the trademark to get registered.

Registration – the trademark office will go through the registration process. We will provide you with proof of ownership immediately after registration.

We will also assist with the renewal process which should take place every 15 years.



  • communicate documents and information to the trademark office
  • verification of all of the required documents prior to submission
  • tips and guidance to make sure it’s done right
  • expert assistance/support
  • communication and notifications available throughout the entire process


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